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12 January 2015

Website News Archive - All Aboard the Clouded Bus

All Aboard the Clouded Bus

Artist Loz Atkinson’s CumulonimBUS joins 60 strong convoy to celebrate London’s Year of the Bus

2014 has been dubbed The Year of the Bus with Transport for London marking a number of significant milestones and anniversaries. It's been 60 years since the creation of the iconic Routemaster, 75 years since the launch of the RT-Type bus and 100 years since the world's first mass-produced motor bus, the B-Type 'Battle Bus' that carried soldiers to the frontline during the First World War.

As part of the Year of the Bus celebrations, painted and adorned bus sculptures will be displayed in free and accessible locations across London’s streets, parks and public spaces from 22 September for seven weeks. Following the display, the artworks will be auctioned to raise invaluable funds for three charities: Kids Company, Transaid and London Transport Museum.

60 sculptures of the new Routemaster bus will be transformed by the imaginations of leading artists, designers and creative’s. Each bus will be sponsored by local/national businesses. The Year of the Bus sculpture trail will culminate in an auction, with the money raised going to:

Kids Company who provide practical, emotional and educational support to inner-city children, young people and vulnerable families

Transaid who identify, champion, implement and share local transport solutions to improve access to basic services and economic opportunity for people in Africa and in developing countries.

London Transport Museum who highlights the vital role transport has played in the life of the capital.  Also delivering essential travel safety education to keep our children safe, and running programmes to help young people into employment.

Including her talents is artist Loz Atkinson, 29, who lives and works in Leicester. Her Bus is titled "CumulonimBUS” has been hand painted with realistic representations of cumulonimbus cloud formations.

Loz, explains, "Clouds have always fascinated me with the way they capture our imaginations and day dreams. With the trail helping to raise vital funds for many charities who help children I hope the clouds will capture the imagination of visitors and encourage a playful childlike enjoyment of the art trail.”

Loz has been involved in many large scale public art events in the past, painting sculptures for Elephant Parade London in 2010 then Hornbills, eggs and phone boxes. Her egg sculpture, for The Big Egg Hunt 2012 sponsored by Faberge had a mini tour of Leicester cultural venues including Embrace Arts, before being displayed on the streets of London. Through the sale of these works, Loz has helped to raise nearly £15,000 going towards many different animal conservation and children’s charities.

Loz continues “Being able to paint the bus at Embrace Arts has been a huge pleasure with them being absolutely amazing hosts and looking after us very well. Having had the egg on display here a couple of years ago it was definitely a treat to come back and work in such a great environment”

Michaela Butter, Director of Embrace Arts, said: “We were delighted to support artist Loz Atkinson by providing her with a venue to create this new work. At Embrace Arts, we are always keen to offer artists opportunities to build their careers and to share pioneering work. It was great to have Loz in residence to develop CumulonimBUS, providing a platform to raise Leicester’s artistic profile within the UK.”

Loz’s Bus as well as 60 others will be on display from 22nd September in key locations across the Capital.

For more information on The Year of the Bus Art Trail please visit http://www.tfl.gov.uk/campaign/year-of-the-bus?cid=fs114

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