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02 August 2012

it's all in your head

it's all in your head

LCB Depot 31 Rutland Street, Leicester LE1 1RE

13th July - 26th July 2012

Recent acrylic paintings including self-portraits and mouth studies. Displayed alongside ‘hidden’ text pieces written in bodily fluid and only visible under UV light. All the works are to do with self-exploration, mental dysfunction and what can be made to be perceived by simple suggestion.

The untitled series of paintings are abstract and minimal in their representation of the mouth. Purely innocent in their depiction; showing the mouth eating, the bold use of colour, shape and unpainted areas, seem to depict something far more imprudent. This conclusion is conjured in the viewer’s own mind, placing cause for being offended or titillated solely with the viewer. Interpretation and intent can be one in the same and although sometimes provocative the work doesn't intend to offend but to express the paradox within concepts and maybe show beauty in unusual places.

The brain is a fascinating and little understood organ. It can be used to create the most beautiful of things. It can play tricks on us. It enables us all to learn and discover or it can be our own worst enemy. Everyone has an image of mental illness in his or her own mind. Be this an image of someone who is slightly eccentric or someone smearing shit up the walls, its only human nature to muster up an image when trying to understand. The three studies of the self are the artist’s interpretations. Having suffered with severe depression at many points in her life, using mental illness as a subject seems a natural response to going through it. Using block colours, simple shapes and unpainted areas loz is not offering answers, just versions of her experience. Ostensibly what is not painted is seemingly all the more important than what is. loz tries to confront her fears and confusions, not necessarily in an attempt to overcome them but in an almost vain effort to grasp a better understanding of them.

  The text work featured in the exhibition came about after reading an article by Dr lazar Greenfield entitled “gut feelings” which was mainly about the reproductive behaviour of rotifer flies. The article was published around Valentines Day 2011 and touched upon semen having an anti depressant quality. Dr Greenfield ended the article “so there’s a deeper bond between men and women than st. valentine would have suspected, and now we know there’s a better gift for that day than chocolates.” He subsequently resigned from all his prestigious medical posts after an outcry of negative responses. Although some may have found the article in bad taste or offensive, as a depression sufferer and a woman loz found the article hilarious. It dared to address a still somewhat taboo subject and tried to do so in a fun way. This mirrors the text work in the exhibition. What is written maybe serious and in a medium which may play into the hands of stereotypical views of “crazy” people. The act of seeking out the text makes it fun and inclusive. Visitors will be invited to discover the hidden text using a UV lamp provided - which ties in with the theme as mental illness is still a taboo subject and many feel ashamed to even discuss it, therefore the text is hidden and those brave enough to explore the subject and works will be rewarded with finding the words and possibly a meaning?

 the following are comments from the guest book;

well put together, looks fantastic to see it shown as a collection in the space. The main room delivers something youthful, playful joy and angst. Brave and honest mate. Keep it up

Technically brilliant and thought provoking

 "                                                                                      " written in invisible ink :) great concepts x

  Fantastic work. Love the semen art will def come again!
Fantastic show 
Great work, great show. Entrance pics nicely sexual. Self portraits honest and candid. UV stuff funny and entertaining and interactive. We like loz, thanks xx

  We liked learning about the reactive properties of jizz and wine you are wonderful cheers

  Good catholic girl um!
Interesting work, loz! Love the colours, simplicity and boldness of your acrylics. Lovely! Best wishes

  Cool use of UV lights

  A spunky show!

Really enjoyed the text experience – from another survivour


  Well done loz!!! Great pieces of work 

This is not art – crap

I don’t really understand it but thank you for all your hard work and sharing your thoughs I will think about them

01 August 2012

if you'd like to make a call please hang up and try again....

so that's it the BT ArtBoxes have had there time out on the streets of the capital getting London in the party mood just before the Olympics and have been sold at auction to raise vital funds for ChildLine.

it has been an absolute pleasure to be involved in this project. the team have been a delight to work with and all the artist i met and got the opportunity to share a space with were so inspiring!

ChildLine holds a special place in my heart after helping me through some tough times in my childhood due to bullying and the darkness that brings. so being able to do something i love to help those in need is a great honour.

congratulations to the final bidder who purchased my box for a bargain £433.98 and to all the bidders who won a one of a kind piece of artwork and helped raise money for a very worthy cause.

if you are young and in need of someone to talk to please dont hesitate to call 0800 1111 or visit the ChildLine website www.childline.org.uk it's anonymous, it's free they won't judge and they will listen.

19 June 2012

BT ArtBox launch...

friday was the big press launch for the BT ArtBox in trafalgar square. a selection of 20 were set out in the square for a sneak preview. including "the thing with feathers (that perches in the soul)". was great fun and a real treat to be asked to attend. lovely to see some of the artists again and meet a few of them for the first time :)

sneaking in the background of the BBC report :)

was even lucky enough to have a quick chat with the lovely lady herself Esther Rantzen founder of Childline.

the exhibition is now up and running with boxes all over london from tower bridge to covent garden. you can find my box at regents place plaza until the 18th July when they will all be auctioned off in the hopes of raising a million pounds for Childline.

27 May 2012

sunday supplement

what a way to wind up the weekend

also available to read online :)

25 May 2012

Now she gets her kicks in Stepney, Not in Knightsbridge anymore.

before all 80 BT ArtBoxes go on their street adventures all over London from the 18th June.

7 have taken up residence in Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge, London.

and look who's in amongst them on the 5th floor :D

and with a mention in the telegraph the end of this week has been pretty awesome!