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24 January 2012

we get old to soon and wise too late; review of the year 2011

two thousand and eleven a year of ups, downs, adventures, tedium, prescription drugs, booze and all that rock and roll...

in no particular order some highlights of the year, although we do start with the bestest :)

jungle city, edinburgh.

edinburgh is one of my favourite cities so i was incredibly happy to be invited back by elephant family to take park in this wonderous event! so 'one for the rock, one for the crow, one to die and one to grow" hornbill was created. living in the royal botanical gardens then placed out onto castle street with an amazing view of edinburgh's most famous landmark. to make the whole experience of being involved even better was that my hornbill featured on the front cover of the accompanying art book!

and to round it all off at the close of the online auction "one for the rock..." attracted a most amazing generous final bid of £2,050! helping the event celebrate the magnificence of Asia’s endangered wildlife, generating mass awareness of their plight and with the aim of raising £50m over the next ten years for their survival. for more info click here

bird watching spots of the year - bullfinch, nuthatch, longtailed tit, sparrow hawk being chased by crows, mistle thrush and a great spotted woodpecker

learnt how to use 3D software and created 4 images for an industry text book on 3D TV and film to be published in 2012

the fabulous @LuciaMasundire and i raised over £300 for shelter as part of their cake time national event. we took over leicesters cultural quarter for a week and the very generous creative people of leicester donated what they could for our cakey goodness all culminating in a big party with a mega cupcake give-a-way. all good fun and for a good cause too! double tick!

on a mild novembers day me and my better half climbed 80% of mount snowdon before having to turn back as we were losing light. not bad for a first go at climbing

new work added to my "women of faith" (working title) series. after having a little photoshoot with the amazing talulah blue and much research "lilith" is in the making. shes practically finished just a few more tweeks and off to the printers with her! the next image in that series will be of mary magdalene so its all go...

i can now say im an internationally exhibited artist with my work included in the trans-siberian arts centre exhibition. which saw mine and over 100 artists from around the worlds work exhibited in one of the cabins of the trans-siberian railway trains from moscow all the way to beijing.

i was seen hovering in the background of david dickinsons real deal and on derren browns "the assassin" with the derren brown experience being much more exciting! tho maybe he hypnotised me to say that.....

within the space of 4 days in june i was implicit in the prevention of two complete strangers suicide attempts.

2011 was not a year of many exhibitions but more a year of reflection and the creation of new works from self portraits to commissions to work using bodily fluids! 2012 will be exhibition central so be aware!

although no pumpkin amazingness was produced from the garden this year much to my despair but all was not lost as we some how managed to grow a 12ft+ hollyhock in our tiny little yard (which is still growing and flowering as we speak) if i find the giant at the end of it dont worry im all over stealing his golden goose!

and finally the welcoming of baby Lukas and baby Cerys into this crazy world! :D

with the big egg hunt and being recommended to become a young ambassador for the princes trust, 2012 has had a pretty good start! so may it continue and all of you specials get everything you hope for......

15 January 2012

the eggstraordinary painting of...

The Big Egg Hunt

the many streets of London

21st february 2012 for 40 days and 40 nights

the egg "from little acorns, mighty oaks do grow"

the design symbolises the proverbs meaning - great things may come from small beginnings. so from a simple idea, the huge impact the egg hunt will have, not only raising money to help endangered animals survive for future generations, it will also give those future generations the best start in life that they may not have necessarily had...

so before the egg even had time to make itself at home

on with the first coat of lovely bluey tealy wonderness! i'd just like to point out here that you should all be very proud as i didnt paint it black first! i know shocking right?! :)

head in the clouds

acorn positioning and outline

with a little growth

one acorn...

two acorn...

three acorn...

four... well you get the idea

i do have a paint palette somewhere?

secret to my "silky, soft" hands

tree beginnings

one tree...

side view...

two tree...



for all the info on The Big Egg Hunt click here

additional photography by saqib hussain