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Imagined Nebula
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St Martins Square, Leicester UK

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St Martins Square, Leicester UK

Holburn Gallery
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83 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, UK

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The Oxford International Art Fair
26th - 28th February 2016
Oxford Town Hall, Oxford UK

19 September 2014

Website News Archive - Loz Joins the Pod

Loz Is Making Waves In Aberdeen with stellar dolphin.

Artist Loz Atkinson’s Dolphin creation is making big waves as part of a new public charity art exhibition set to take over Aberdeen this summer.

Aberdeen, Scotland is to become the latest place to host a new citywide trail of uniquely painted sculptures. Life-size dolphins will grace locations across the city from Monday 23rd June until Friday 29th August.

More than 50 dolphin sculptures will be transformed by the imaginations of leading artists, designers and creative’s. Each dolphin will be sponsored by local/national businesses. Wild Dolphins will culminate in a live auction, with the money raised going to WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) and the ARCHIE Foundation, the charity which supports sick children at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.

Including her talents is artist Loz Atkinson. Her Dolphin is titled "an unquenched defiance to the stars” symbolising the fantastic work done by the two charities in the face of such adversity in each of their causes. Loz who was born in Inverness and spent many years of her childhood growing up in the North-east of Scotland said “I have many fond memories sitting on the beach at Lossiemouth looking out watching the Dolphins jumping, so when I was asked to join Wild Dolphins, how could I say no!”

Loz, explains, "My design takes inspiration from the constellation delphinus. The dramatic design, which will be hand painted, shows a nebula laden sky and will be littered with sparkling stars over which the constellation of the dolphin is made apparent. The dolphin will literally sparkle as a fine glitter spray will be used to make the sculpture really stand out and connect the stars with the shimmering of the actual animal in the ocean.”

Loz has been involved in many large scale public art events in the past, painting sculptures for Elephant Parade London in 2010 then Hornbills, eggs and phone boxes. Her egg sculpture, for The Big Egg Hunt 2012 sponsored by Faberge had a mini tour of Leicester cultural venues before being displayed on the streets of London. Through the sale of these works, Loz has helped to raise nearly £15,000 going towards many different animal conservation and children’s charities.

Loz continues “The work has a hopeful feel, containing stars. I imagine kids and grown ups alike looking up at those stars in the delphinus constelation and making wishes and felt these hopes, dreams and wishes for a better world reflected the work of the amazing charities wild dolphins will benefit.”

Other artists involed include Mandii Pope, Mary Butterworth, Mel Shand, Kirsty Anderson, Howard Butterwort and Sophie Green.

WDC’s fundraising manager, Stine Bang commented: “These graceful, intelligent and social creatures hold a special place in our hearts yet they face many threats. The Wild Dolphins event will not only raise awareness and vital funds for our work, but will also bring a smile to the faces of local people and tourists alike when they see these big sculptures on the streets of Aberdeen.”

Loz’s Dolphin which has been sponsored by The Chester Hotel, Aberdeen, will be on display on Queen's Road from Monday 23rd June.

28 February 2014

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