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27 September 2011

We come to beginnings only at the end.....

meet the artist day on sunny castle street, edinburgh. it was lovely to meet some of my fellow artists and quite a few of the jungle loving public to talk about the project and all the amazing work being done by elephant family but alas the end of jungle city is nearly upon us but the beginning of the online auctions are in full swing!

from now until the 2nd october is your chance to own one of these magnificent creatures!

so if you have a lobby, a garden, a public park/space or just a hornbill shaped empty spot in your home that needs filling with wonderousness then why not buy one for the rock, one for the crow, one to die and one to grow!

and with the money going to the amazing elephant family charity everyones a winner!

click here and get bidding!

26 September 2011

good news is the only news!

much love to all the wonderous websites and publications that featured pieces about jungle city and the hornbill!

the more we can spread the word about the awful plight these magnificent creatures face the more likely we are to get something done about it! we dont want to be the generation that did nothing, just sat and watched these animals disappear into the abyss.

so turn the tables, get involved and make this a happy ending......

special thanks to my friend saqib hussain for the photo :)

06 September 2011

never judge a book by it's......

look where "one for the rock, one for the crow, one to die and one to grow" has turned up! only the front cover on the jungle city art book which accompanies the whole project! i couldn't be happier and cant wait to get my copy from Harvey Nics in Edinburgh when i go up for the artist day on the 24th september! maybe even see some of you there?

but if you cant wait to visit the wonderousness then you can buy a copy online here along with mini sculptures, t-shirts with lots more being added.

from the 22nd september the auction for the life sized beasties will start so to register your interest click here

lots more has been going on with jungle city they have launched there new website with lots more info, the route map to help you find all the creatures on the loose and it even feature artists profiles so go and visit and get involved anyway you can www.jungle-city.org

loads and loads has been going on so there will be lots of updates coming your way very soon once i get sorted from being away for a couple of weeks.

until then specials x