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28 April 2011

edinburgh migration....

i just couldn't resist......

theres no soundtrack yet and its not the best quality as i need the assistance of my amazing friend eleanna gouvra for that! but heres a sneak peak at the making of video in all its rough glory :)

keep popping back for the painting in progress post and for when i took mr hornbill on a little day trip....

wind of some famous names getting involved have been announced artist Jack Vettriano is back along with fellow Scot motor racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart and the lovely Geri Halliwell

aswell as a great quote from his HRHness - "This remarkable initiative aims to help alleviate the crisis facing so many species on our planet today... Your generous support of Elephant Family and Jungle City in Edinburgh will quite simply make all the difference so I can only urge you to support this innovative campaign in any way you can”

website for jungle city is now up and running and being updated with all the excitement regularly so keep your eyes and ears open for more news on the expeditions....

and just a small note on another exotic journey the train from moscow left on tuesday....

19 April 2011

BBC radio gaga

well this morning was full of early excitement with Julie Mayer from BBC Radio Leicester coming to visit the studio for a live interview about the hornbill and Jungle City

if you missed it fear not you can listen again here im on at 2:21:50

will try get a audio file up of the recording later on so listen/watch this space!

14 April 2011

the cat or should i say the bird is out of the bag!

so the big exciting news everyones been dying to hear about is finally out!!

i have been invited by the wonderful elephant family charity to be one of 150 artists that will turn Edinburgh in to Jungle City later this summer!!!!

told you it was big news!

this is going to be the first multi animal exhibition in the world and the largest outdoor art exhibition Edinburgh has ever seen!

elephant family are hoping to raise £1million for conservation projects such as buying strategic habitat for the endangered Asian Elephant and the many other animals who share their forest homes including the Tiger, Orangutan, Crocodile and Hornbill all of which will feature in the exhibition.

the exhibition will capture the imagination of the city and create mass awareness of the tragic circumstances these creatures face. do we want to be the generation that lets these beautiful animals become extinct? NO i didn't think so! So really get behind the project the least you can do is sign the petition sign here :D

so keep checking back for more details and painting in progress photos! but heres a sneaky peak for now click here ta ta for now lovelies x