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The Oxford International Art Fair
26th - 28th February 2016
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30 December 2008

in addition - kalin serapionov

in addition

artist; kalin serapionov
curator; eric rosoman
artist assistant; loz atkinson

14th may - 23rd may 2008
LCB depot, 31 rutland street, leicester, LE1 1RE

the following text has been taken from the exhibitions accompanying literature;
in addition is an exhibition of new work by kalin serapionov created during his residency with IAF leicester - an arts council england international artist fellowship, hosted by LCB depot and the city gallery.

developing upon his previous works exploring social interaction and the boundaries between public and private space, serapionov has created a new installation work using 5 monitors, partly hidden inside refuse containers, and a video projection.

after interviewing people on the streets of leicester to ask the "what are your hopes?/what do you hope for? the footage was edited for use on the monitors. people's spontaneous answers outlined two main themes - materialistic and humane. in our contemporary consumer society, where we are sold what we 'want' and yet our appetites are never sated, these two themes of hope reflect our mixed and sometimes conflicting desires for a better life for ourselves, and for humanity as a whole; for instant gratification, and forming a positive legacy for future generations.

the monitors, slightly propping up the lid of the bins, radiate a light through the gap forcing viewer interaction with the installation in order to see the films. the sound of the people stating their hopes and desires merges together and in addition there is a projection of a squirrel carefully eating the new green leaves from a tree. this projection grounds the whole installation, it is a counterpoint to the vox-pop hopes of local citizens, it is a metaphor, we are the squirrel.

kalin serapionov is a video artist based in sofia, bulgaria, and is a member of ICA- sofia. he has exhibited in numerous exhibitions around europe notably; 'heterotopias', thessaloniki biennale of contemporary art, 2007; 'manifesta 4', frankfurt/main, 2002. he has also been involved in residencies all over the world including new york.

kalin would like to thank: loz atkinson, eric rosoman, mark porter from biffa leicester, plus all the members of the public who kindly assisted in the making of the work.

26 November 2008

sefton open 2008

sefton open 2008

20th september 2008 - 9th november 2008

the atkinson gallery, lord street, 
southport, PR8 1DH

the sefton open is one of the largest and most varied exhibitions of contemporary multi-media two-dimensional work in the north-west.

above is the piece submitted and which was chosen "untitled (harpie 2) digitally constructed image on pvc foamex.

it was opened at the lord street gallery by angela heslop, bbc radio merseyside's cultural editor.

now in its 13th year, the sefton open illustrates the breadth and depth of current visual practice by artists from all over the UK.

sefton arts and cultural services manager, said "the sefton open exhibition includes a good cross section of contemporary art by artists from all over the country."

with liverpool being the capital of culture 2008 has given the exhibition a great boost and shows the vast talent of the region as well as the whole of the country.

this year over 2000 pieces were submitted with only 66 being chosen to be exhibited. 

for more information visit www.seftonarts.co.uk

24 November 2008

hello and welcome

well i thought i better get myself more of a substantial web presence so here i am. shortly i will be uploading some of my artworks and exhibitions that i have been involved with either as an artist or otherwise.

please feel free to say what you like about anything you see on this site, as i will be very thankful for any feedback.

also if any other fellow artists wish to become a patron of this humble blog to discuss works, ideas, possible shows and the like please do so. 

i hope you enjoy the works and if not maybe, at least, they got you thinking?