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upcoming exhibitions

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Imagined Nebula
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St Martins Square, Leicester UK

Available until sold
St Martins Square, Leicester UK

Holburn Gallery
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83 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, UK

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The Oxford International Art Fair
26th - 28th February 2016
Oxford Town Hall, Oxford UK

13 September 2013

work in progress, studies on paper... soon to be revealed...

after experiencing a eureka/epiphany with two nonsensical singular ideas colliding in such an amazing, if not now an obvious moment of clarity...

new work is on the way...

31 July 2013

14/48 art exhibition

Deliver Us by Loz Atkinson

14/48 Theatre Festival and Art Exhibition. The Y Theatre, Leicester, UK.

Radical collaboration at it's best. 

Straight from the streets of Seattle, this festival was an exciting opportunity for audiences to witness 7 brand new plays each day, written, rehearsed and performed in 24 hours! A host of professional artists, including 7 writers, 7 directors, 25 performers, 1 band and a host of designers, came together, against their better judgement, to provide Leicester with a whirlwind of entertainment. It’s theatre Jim, but not as we know it!

To accompany the intensive fast-pace theatre festival an art exhibition was organised for the whole of May 2013 including work by Loz Atkinson, Maria Bragolli, Maureen Anderson and Corey Haymen.

18 April 2013

keep your eyes open in brussels

its not all chocolate, waffles, mussels, beer and pommes frites with mayo.

open your eyes and look up no matter where you are

and from a previous visit

11 April 2013

this is not a pipe

notes from recent visit to the magritte museum, brussels, belgium. 
"used to seeing things in print/online to see the real work almost shocking 
use of shadow to make the simplistic look real
wife body parts in lift
use of photography as reference 
e.t photos 
dedicated museums to certain artists like they're a church housing any object as a relic 
- are his letters important or as important as his actual work 
though displayed in the same way or with the same gravitas 
automaton = royalty? 
birds freedom eggs fragility of life or that very freedom"
oscar II by gavin turk at the magritte museum

indeed ramblings of little consequence, but to my mind little references of more rounded thoughts thunk that day. none or some shared here.

i've never really thought of myself as a "fan" of surrealism i'm more of a symbolism sort of girl, which i suppose could be argued to be one in the same thing, but i have always appreciated its humour and ability to covey a message or tell a story in a strangely relatable way. knowing and enjoying magrittes work, which even if you dont know his name or that its his work you will still have seen something of his or something influenced by him yes indeed he is one of those artists, felt it rude not to go for a visit on a recent trip to brussels. so a reasonable 8€ later, embark upon maze we did. 

first experiencing magrittes "L'evidence éternelle" (a replica i'm sure) in the lift up to the top floor passing feet, knees, muff, breasts and face prefacing the fun aspect of the whole museum.

this was indeed my first experience of a dedicated museum to an individual artist. which left me with a strange sensation as if i was there to worship or basque in the glory of this saint like figure. the hushed ambiance and dimly lit vaults only exacerbated these feelings and beholding relics the man actually touched, wrote, doodled or breathed near left me very confused as if in some way i was being disrespectful for not taking interest in every article/artifact. which got me thinking the man himself would find all of this probably very comical and almost being a bit embarrassed that "they" would think to display a doodle on a fag packet next to something like companions of fear?

i mean this was all, of course very interesting and fascinating to see different works and to witness the progression of his work over time and i guess appropriate that feelings of confussion and other strangeness were felt in a museum dedicated to a surrealist.

another strangeness was that although many famous works were present the signature "magrittes" were not. no men in bowler hats with apples for faces or many clouds but by jebuz were they all there in the gift shop! which maybe were there to raise the botomless pit of money needed to actually purchase said originals from whatever oligarch fancied upon it or from the tate or whatever....

a crushing back to reality slap in the face to remind ones reason of being and to consume and reduce something you hold so dear into the mere exchange of paper or metal for a thing, which i of course obliged too. reduced to this after such a fanciful trip through one persons visions and consciousness. 

ah well my mini button badge of "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" or "this is not a pipe" i felt good and lasting advice to get me through the rest of my days.

12 February 2013

magical mystery egg tour of leicester (2012)

to commemorate this years Lindt Big Egg Hunt supporting Action for Children i thought i'd share the tour of my egg from 2012's Big Egg Hunt around the sights and venues of leicester.  

the week before the egg had to head back to london to be added to the rest of the clutch, i thought i'd sneakily show it a bit of the world.... i.e. leicester!

from tuesday 10th january 2012 - friday 13th january 2012 the egg graced many of leicesters most prestigious cultural venues.

heres what happened....

tuesday 10th january - Phoenix Square

wednesday 11th january - LCB Depot

thursday 12th january - DMU & Embrace Arts

friday 13th january - Leicester Town Hall

the little cracker even got a spot of press on its travels and seemed to be enjoyed by the hundreds of people that spotted it out on its little adventure.

receiving some lovely comments

"thank you for showing it in leicester"


"saw it in the paper but it's lovely to see it for real"

"like the egg will it hatch"

"i wont ask"

"this is amazing"