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26 August 2011

thumbs up

what a lovely surprise :D

loving the support from me mate Greville Worthington, renowned curator. if you are unaware of his work get in the know :)

24 August 2011

take heed jungle fever is upon us

so all the animals have been unleashed onto the unsuspecting people of Edinburgh!!

they will be on display in the Royal Botanical Gardens from now until the 4th September.

with some of the more delicate ones featured in Harvey Nicols on St Andrew Square, Edinburgh.

with the migration to the streets taking place from the 6th September until the end month

with live and online auctions starting from the 29th September for loads more info click here

so now all the important dates have been mentioned now for the fun :) THE VISIT!!

they looked so amazing all together out in the wild of the gardens interspersed amongst the flora. so many people of all different types and all kinds of ages enjoying the search to see them all :) i know i sure did! here are just a few we spotted...

by Emma Kemp

by Natasha Mann

by Kieran Jones

by Ben Comley

by Marc Quinn

by Emily Young

by Dovecot

by Elisabeth Anderson

by Fiona Carlisle

by Morag Muir

by Ruth Green

by Rob and Nick Carter

by Rebecca Sutherland

by Jemma Pearson

by Soju Tanaka

by Chris Rea

By Mariana Bassani

by Seif Al Hasani

by Martin Aveling

so whilst admiring all the wonderous wild animals, we stopped at my hornbill to take some photos and have a sneaky listen to what people were saying about him. when who should happen to be showing some guests round the exhibition, Mark Shand, Elephant Family charity founder :D so being a bit of a geek and a luvvie i had to stop him and get a photo with him and my birdie. we had a nice little chat about the artists day on the 24th September the great reception the event has been getting from the public and press and he introduced me to his friends who seemed delighted to meet one of the artists :) it was a rather random but a fabulous coincidence and rounded off a lovely day beautifully.

me and Mark Shand

08 August 2011

not long now....

hey me lovelies

jungle city 2011 is nearly upon us with all the exciting goings on kicking off at the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh on 16th August!

all the creative creatures will forge one massive herd at the gardens before being be set free and released onto the wild streets of Edinburgh on the 6th September!

i'll be getting on with a press release for me local press this week and will post up soon, but in the mean time here's a feature about the event in which you may recognise a certain birdy :)

"one for the rock, one for the crow, one to die and one to grow" has also featured on the jungle city website

so proud of the little beeper can't wait to go up to my favourite city and see him living it up taking in all the sights and sounds of the fringe and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

get those dates in your diary and support this great cause!

keep popping back for more updates as they'll be coming thick and fast in the next couple of weeks!

oh and the meet the artist day is on the 24th September (more details to follow) but hopefully see some of you wonderfuls then :)