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12 February 2013

magical mystery egg tour of leicester (2012)

to commemorate this years Lindt Big Egg Hunt supporting Action for Children i thought i'd share the tour of my egg from 2012's Big Egg Hunt around the sights and venues of leicester.  

the week before the egg had to head back to london to be added to the rest of the clutch, i thought i'd sneakily show it a bit of the world.... i.e. leicester!

from tuesday 10th january 2012 - friday 13th january 2012 the egg graced many of leicesters most prestigious cultural venues.

heres what happened....

tuesday 10th january - Phoenix Square

wednesday 11th january - LCB Depot

thursday 12th january - DMU & Embrace Arts

friday 13th january - Leicester Town Hall

the little cracker even got a spot of press on its travels and seemed to be enjoyed by the hundreds of people that spotted it out on its little adventure.

receiving some lovely comments

"thank you for showing it in leicester"


"saw it in the paper but it's lovely to see it for real"

"like the egg will it hatch"

"i wont ask"

"this is amazing"