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28 September 2009

2pm - 3pm

my time as plinther number 1926, as part of Antony Gormley's one and other project on the fourth plinth in london's trafalgar square.

i got a call on monday 21st september asking if i could be on the plinth on thursday 24th september as someone had pulled out. ARGH! this had happened a few weeks before but i'd said no and immediately regretted it so i wouldn't be repeating my mistake. it was like fate to be called again! but still ARGH! how am i going to get there? what would i do? fuck it i'm doing it! YES! so mad panic and 3 days to prepare something worthy of being a part of history.......

i wore my wedding dress as i thought it was my special dress for that special day so why not for my special hour. so when i got up there i first set up my 'tree of love' which was kind of like a family tree but with everyone i love on it in photo form

i did have an envelope full of other photos i was meant to peg to the tree but in my nervousness i forgot so to the people who aren't on the tree you were up there with me!

then to put up my blog sign

then i wrote some words of wisdom and squiggled on bits of wallpaper to throw down to a lucky few.

i even had time for a glass of wine, well any excuse hey!

i left the rest of the bottle up there to appease death who was on after me but he spilt it everywhere so before the next but one plinther got up there one of the one and other crew had to get on there and mop it up hehe i like to think i left my mark on the plinth!

to watch my hour please visit
hope you enjoy my contribution to the one and other project and please feel free to leave comments

here are a few more images of my time

if you took any or have found any more photos of my hour please let me know. the following images i found in the guardian plinth watch pool on flickr the pictures were added by victius

02 September 2009

st pauls

a photographic project undertaken in 2005 of saint pauls church in leicester.