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upcoming exhibitions

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29 November 2010

happy 2nd birthday lozatkinson.blogspot

happy birthday to ya, happy birthday to ya, happy birthdaaaay!

wow so the blog has now reached the terrible twos dun dun DAAAA!!! what a year it has been and i hope what a year will come!

seeming as we grow with age i will be updating the birthday girl with more in depth posts about my work and life. to give you budding readers more insight. who knows what the posts will hold so get ready.....

birthday wishes and gifts are most welcome hehe

kisses for now special ones xxxxx

10 November 2010

not a word since august eek! thats bad

hello there specials

i seem to have been neglecting my blog quite a bit of late. how very naughty of me, i do apologies! i have been busy, honest! see i've started a new painting and the mermaid hair is still here YAY!

so where to start i suppose with the most recent stuff right?

well i got some exciting news the other day i've been nominated for a LeicestHERday trust jubilee award, which celebrates the women of leicester. what a wonderous surprise and honour! it all happens on the 19th November so will keep you updated on the results but if you would like more info or would like to buy tickets to the ceremony please visit the website.

now on to a few places you gorgeous people can come find me and my lovely wonders...

the winter food festival down at leicester market on 21st november

the guildhall christmas craft fair on the 27th & 28th November (see left)

what else has been going on mmm..... ive been making some new work with my good friend stuart. fingers crossed they turn out, they will be lenticular humourous pieces. also been working on one of my photographs to make it 3D all off which should be ready for the above sales!

speaking of sales my studio is now open for consultations, commisions, private views or just a friendly chat over a nice cup of tea or glass of wine hehe so if you would be interested in a visit please don't hesitate to get in touch mail@lozatkinson.co.uk so as well as the online shop you can come and get a more hands on experience. already had a few visitors who seemed to have had a wale of a time so you don't want to miss out!

more exciting news

  • went to the opening of Damien Hirst - Print Maker at the bowes museum in barnard castle and seemed to have caused quite the stir with my turquoise but what an amazing show of some previously unexhibited work, definitely worth a visit.
  • the 'one and other' book which accompanies Antony Gormley's fourth plinth project from last summer, came out last month so having been plinther 1926 i rushed and got a copy. what a marvelous book would look great on any ones coffee table
  • last month went to the opening of the Gerhard Richter exhibition at the new walk museum here in leicester. please make time to go to this - what a fanciful thing to have such a great artists work in leicester and for free! so no excuses! just on a giddy stupid note i met Sir Nicolas Serota while there so that should give you an idea of how important this exhibition is FYI hes the director of the tate so go see it!
  • the lovely Chris and Lisa came to visit and chose a work for the charity auction that will take place during the ball they have been organising. with all the proceeds going to LOROS a local hospice helping terminally ill patients and their families. so lots of luck to them and hope they raise loads for such a great cause - will update you all on how they do when i know!
as i'm sure your eyes are tired by now and i think i've let you know all that's been going down in the world of loz i'll be off.

wont leave the next post as long so your eyes won't get mad next time kisses for now xx

27 August 2010

new hair, new pages and some new work!!

lots of new to tell you about!

well here's the hair hehe fun and some more progress on the painting in the background

hope you are all ready to enjoy the long bank holiday weekend just in case you get bored and fancied having a click about why not check out the new press and elephant parade pages i've added to my website


and just because i'm super nice to your eyes here's a new piece i've been working on - hope you likey!

23 August 2010

cloudy with an outlook of painting

sorry i haven't been my usual posting self! been having a bit of down time and sorting out the studio which is now in working order so much so i actually painted!


so new work is in the pipeline and getting made wahoo finally! so keep popping back for progress reports and other exciting goings on!

toodles for now!

09 July 2010

why thank you mr brown

a couple of weeks ago i met derren brown after his leicester show and spoke to him about being part of the elephant parade and emailed his team some links to the website and petition and now look what my friend wayne found on mr browns blog hehehehe

thanks derren and the team!!!!

click here to read the post

04 July 2010

deliverance - going once, going twice, SOLD!

so after over 5 month of excitement and adventure, with deliverance the elephant being out and about on the southbank, in leicester square and then in the royal chelsea hospital. the time has come for her to find a loving and permanent home via the givinglots.co.uk auction.

and now after the extended bidding time of over an hour and 20 minutes she has found her new home with a super most generous final bid of £10,000!!!!!

helping the elephant family charity raise an amazing £4,008,425!!

i'm sure this huge sum will really help get these magnificent creatures back from the brink

enjoy your new home deliverance its been a pleasure! xx

21 June 2010

lots of wonderous happenings

what a busy month, loads has been going on!

ive been commissioned to create a new work for the SO festival 2010 in skegness. 'nice weather for ducks' will go on display in the tower gardens in skegness between 22nd - 25th july.

my online shop is closed due to all printed works being out at exhibition at the cavell centre for their summer showcase, which takes place between 26th june - 5th november 2010

for your last chance to see all of the wonderful elephant creations get down to the royal chelsea hospital on the 25th, 26th and 28th june - the whole herd of 257 will be there!

want to look cool and save the asian elephant all in one go? HOW? i hear you cry! by purchasing an official elephant parade tshirt with your favourite elephant deliverance that's how! click here and buy one for the whole family.

if you want to do something for free please sign the petition or if your feeling super flush then why not buy the life sized baby elephant deliverance her auction closes on 4th july.

all the money raised will go to help secure a future for these magnificent creatures!

18 May 2010

deliverance for sale!

the elephant parade london auction site powered by givinglots.co.uk is now up and running!

from now until the 4th july is your chance to own one of these magnificent life sized baby elephant sculptures! so if you have a lobby, a garden, a public park/space or just a huge empty spot in your house that needs filling with wonderousness then why not buy deliverance! and with the money going to the amazing elephant family charity everyones a winner!

just click here and get bidding!

12 May 2010

deliverance update

so as the dust settles from the launch of elephant parade london. deliverance is nicely settled in at the royal festival hall on the southbank having many many visitors and rocking out to all the gigs there. she's even had a mention in the daily mail

for more information about the project and to download an elephant route map to find them all visit elephant parade london

they'll be a lot more visitor photos being posted soon but for now heres a few more news links about the parade;

BBC london
the times
the independent
mirror video
daily express
london evening standard

she hopes you can go visit her soon!

26 April 2010

leicester's first artisan festival

what great fun! many thanks to all those who came down to say hey and a big thanks to those who brought or ordered some of my work!!

if you missed out on the day remember i have an online store to have a browse and buy click here

09 April 2010

read all about it!

many thanks to the Darlington and Stockton times, the Northern Echo website, and the De Montfort University website for picking up on the story!

more to follow.....

06 April 2010

video killed the radio star

bbc radio leicester

what a surreal but amazing experience thanks to tony and his team for having me on and hopefully i didn't sound too special and did the charity and project justice!

21 March 2010

deliverance in the making

elephant parade london is a conservation campaign that shines a multi-coloured spotlight on the urgent crisis faced by the endangered asian elephant. Brought to you by www.elephantfamily.org, the event will see over 250 brightly painted life-size elephants located over central london this summer 2010.

each decorated by a different artist or celebrity, the elephants will brighten and beautify the city, enhancing every park, street corner and building they grace. running from May to July 2010, this will be london’s biggest outdoor art event on record. with an estimated audience of 25 million, the campaign is aiming to raise £2 million for the asian elephant and benefit 20 UK conservation charities.

for more information about the project please visit www.elephantparadelondon.org

so having recently been chosen to design and paint an elephant for the parade, off i went to elephant and castle to get the job done...

nudey deliverance
stage one
stage two

stage three

the birds

the cage

all finished

deliverance and all her elephant friends will go on parade all over london from the 3rd may for nearly two months and then will be auctioned off at sotherby's on 3rd july to raise over £2 million for elephant family and other conservation charities.

for more information please visit www.elephantparadelondon.org

keep checking back for updates on deliverances placement in london so you can find and go visit her....

12 March 2010

spring exhibition cavell centre

spring exhibition cavell centre

12th march 2010 - 22nd may 2010

the cavell centre, edith cavell healthcare campus, bretton gate, peterborough, cambridgeshire, PE3 9GZ

five pieces of my work have gone on display, these include;
  • i always knew i'd see this
  • age before beauty
  • point of focus
  • dues
  • plastic

05 March 2010

www.lozatkinson.co.uk is a go

so after just over a months blood, sweat, tears and now probably carpal tunnel syndrome

the brand new, shiny, sparkley amazingly wonderous


is up and running! WAHOO! so come say hello and pay a visit!

but all you blog fans no need to fear! i shall keep posting bits and bobs on my good old blog hehe

kisses for now


10 January 2010

leicesters first affordable arts fair. arts booter at the curve

arts booter

leicesters 1st affordable arts & crafts market

25th oct 2009. 11am - 4pm

curve, rutland street, leicester, LE1 1SB

this was my first ever arts fair so my stall was abit packed with lots of my stuff, i think next time i'll be abit more selective with what to take oops! oh well you live you learn.

got lots of interest, people giving good feedback and asking questions. after the event got lots of hits on here so was well worth going, a great learning experience.

heres a selection of what was on offer.

prices start from as little as £10 for small print works all the way upto over £1000 for the large format digital prints. if you are interested in buying anything you've seen on this post or throughout the whole blog please dont hesitate to drop me an email and ask for availability and price.

many thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed and hope to see you at the next fair.