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Imagined Nebula
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St Martins Square, Leicester UK

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St Martins Square, Leicester UK

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The Oxford International Art Fair
26th - 28th February 2016
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26 February 2009

the show to end all shows


30th october 2006 - 11th november 2006

4 old mill, north mills, frog island, leicester

organised and curated by loz atkinson

exhibiting artists

david baker
garry bedford
eleanna gouvra
kostas k
anne lindner
angela mack-reed
simon scardanelli
loz atkinson

Roll up! Roll up! For 'The show to end all shows'

If you want art that is thought provoking, but aesthetically pleasing too, then this is an exhibition for you and if not, it would be a great place to start.

"This will be something to take notice of" says organiser and contributing artist Loz Atkinson. "The art world is a hard business to get into and opportunities don't come along very often, so I thought why, can't we make our own opportunity - so we have."

The show is hoping to attract some outside attention from those in the art world, Greville Worthington, judge of the Turner Prize 2002 and trustee of the Henry Moore Foundation has said "I can't wait to see what Loz can pull off, it all sounds very interesting".

The exhibition will be a showcase of eight different, up and coming artists from all over Britain and Europe. On display will be every form of art you could think of, traditional and modern mixed to give the visitor a contemporary experience in the way art is shown. Painting next to film, illustration neighboured with photography adorned with sculpture and one floors art will be surrounded by a sound installation, and having at least one of the artists at the venue at any given time will give the visitors a unique chance to ask questions or tell the artists what they really think. The artists exhibiting include

  • Dave Baker, a sculptor from Leeds, who has a modern twist to the traditional art form.

  • Garry Bedford, a local artist who is fast becoming an established painter having exhibited and sold many works in recent years.

  • Photographer Eleanna Gouvra from Luxembourg, her fine art background is so apparent with her innovative use of the camera.

  • Kostas K from Greece, an illustrator whose work varies from satirical political caricatures to the fantasy bizarre, he recently exhibited some works at Leicester's slideshow event.

  • Anne Lindner, a multi media artist also from Luxembourg, isn't afraid to create art about what she feels and having exhibited all around Europe isn't afraid to show it either. This exhibition will feature the debut screening of 'Ordinary Man' a short film about her 83 year old Grandfather who fought for the Nazi army in World War Two.

  • Sculptor Angela Reed, from Germany, adds to the diverse art appearing in the show, sculpting using a mixture of materials to give the viewer a dark and often disturbing sensory experience.

  • Simon Scardanelli, a singer/song writer/sound artist, from Birmingham who has composed a brand new piece especially for this exhibition. He has had his sound works presented at the Ikon gallery, Birmingham and will also be performing on the opening night.

  • Loz Atkinson who now resides in Leicester, uses a variety of different media in her artworks from provocative photography, painting to multi media pieces all touching the subjects of sex, politics and most prominently religion.

The exhibitions opening night will take place on 30th October and will run until 11th November in an old factory on Frog Island, right in the middle of Leicester's, multi million redevelopment area. Which without owner Elvis Hughes' support the event would never be taking place. Everyone involved in the show seems to want to turn some heads and really believe they can.

'even though all the artists work in different areas of art and with different subjects its amazing how all the work seems to be gelling together even though there's no outstanding theme' says Loz, which ties in with one of the main ideas behind the show - to give the public something a bit different in the way art is shown and appreciated. The artists also want to get across that art is accessible, can be enjoyed by anyone and you don't have to travel that far a field to find new exciting and diverse art.

The Show To End All Shows private view night is held on Monday 30th October 2006 and will run until Saturday 11th November (excluding Sunday 5th November) at 4 Old Mill, North Mills, Frog Island, Leicester. The artists exhibiting are Loz Atkinson, Dave Baker, Garry Bedford, Eleanna Gouvra, Kostas K, Anne Lindner, Angela Reed and Simon Scardanelli. Opening times 10.00am - 5.00pm for more information on The Show To End All Shows go to www.myspace.com/theshowtoendallshows.

the exhibition also featured in many arts and press publications such as arts monthly, woxx and the arts pneumonia. it also received quite a bit of web coverage.

"i was still rather shocked, but still inspired, by some of the pieces presented - the mixture of emotions presented in the old mill were unique and exciting" - the demon

"the show to end all shows is a pretty grand statement of a name to have. why was it called that and did it live up to it's name?
it stands out, which i was hoping would make people come and see it. also i liked the comedic double meaning you could read into the name. the show to end all shows - it's either going to be the best thing you've ever seen or the worst, so the name covered all our bases in either a critical or positive light. the name also gave you prior warning not to expect your run of the mill art show. it was like the building, being an old factory in the middle of leicesters industrial area, it was raw, dirty, but it had a purpose! all the artists and i wanted to shake things up a bit and do something a bit different to what was going on, and i think we did." - extract from the article - in profile: the show to end all shows in the arts pneumonia.

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